A digital native born and raised in the Silicon Valley.

The most social, private person. 

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Who is Aidan J. Cole?

Aidan is an entrepreneur and social marketing expert based in the Silicon Valley. He's been featured in Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post and more for his business and marketing knowledge. He's the co-founder of two internet based startups focused on audience engagement. He's known for executing large scale business opportunity, all while covering his face with a blue dot.

Forbes Agency Council Member

Aidan J. Cole selected as member of Forbes Agency Council, invite only organization for senior level execs.

"Top 10 Social Media Power Players..."

Aidan J. Cole listed in TheDrum's, "Top 10 Social Media Power Players" Read more...

"Top 11 Youth Marketers..."

Aidan J. Cole listed in Inc.com's, "Top 11 Youth Marketers to Follow in 2017" Read more...

Social Media Experience

300 million followers. 

Through a close network of influencer power players, Aidan taps into over 300 million followers on social media. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Advanced clientele.

Aidan has leveraged his large network of social media power players to build influence for industry leaders behind the scenes. His most recent client being entertainer Flo Rida. 

Large scale campaigns.

Aidan has worked with some of the most influential social media users such as Nash and Hayes Grier, Bart Baker, and others on large scale social campaigns. 


The #BreakingBatten
Social Campaign.

Aidan and his team worked with some of the most influential social celebrities including Bart Baker, Nash and Hayes Grier, Wesley Stromberg and more to raise awareness and funds to help save the Gray family’s two beautiful daughters – along with others suffering from Batten disease.

Aidan featured in TheDrum's, "Top 10 Social Media Power Players..."




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Written Content

Bobby B. Bailey says...

“The innovation and energy I have experienced working with Aidan is awe-inspiring. He understands digital and pioneers solutions for anyone looking to build influence and connection with an audience.”


Bobby B. Bailey produced the most viral video in history that hit over 100 million views in less than six days. He is co-founder of Invisible Children, founder of HoldSpace and has been featured on Oprah, Larry King and more. He’s an amazing person.

Advisors & Mentors


Cynthia Johnson


Been involved with social campaigns for Levi’s, Vans, Chevy. Frequently quoted in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and more. Contributor to Forbes. Previous partner at RankLab (acquired)…


Alan Spiegel

Mazel MGMT.

Active investor and established New York businessman. Previously founder of 26MGMT. They managed some of the most influential stars online including Nash Grier, Bart Baker and more. Alan is currently persuing opportunity in the Cannabis industry.


Bill Cleary

CKS Group

Bill Cleary co-founded CKS group with Mark Kvamme and Tom Suiter. CKS played an instrumental role in the development of marketing programs for major brands; including Apple, eBay, Amazon, Excite, Yahoo and more.

Hobbies & Interests



Aidan grew up around cars. Both his father and grandfather were collectors and pro drivers.



Aidan spends his weekends by a fire pit with fine cigars while strategizing his next moves.



Aidan has played the drums for over 8 years and has won multiple awards at jazz festivals.

Indy Championship Race

Aidan J. Cole attended the Indy championship race with 2x NBA All Star Baron Davis and friends to support the 18 year old race prodigy, Zachary Claman De Melo. This was Zach’s first ever Indycar race and his first time driving the challenging race circuit based in Sonoma, CA.


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Some of Aidan's thoughts on business and lessons learned. 

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